I remember when I saw The Fifth Element for the first time. It was for the promotional campaign on a tray at Mc Donald's in 1997. I was completely blown away by the look and the action. It was really a refreshing scifi movie which blended art and action sequences perfectly. The costumes, all the different colours and the actors.

I've always admired Bruce Willis Here he really plays well and his character is a typical low life guy.

The cigarette filter is white and the tobacco roll is brown.
 Gary Oldman, as the main villain. That guy is awesome. I can't help loving this evil creature.
He's such a bad ass.

 Oops, I forgot Milla Jovovich. She's so adorable in her very tight outfit.

The costumes were designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Just look at Chris Tuckers outfit.
With big roses around his neck. Funny hairballs and a headset.
The makeup department did a terrific job on his eyes.

Then when I saw the masterpiece I had to buy the soundtrack by Eric Serra (as R.X.R.A).
And yes, the following days I played it more than once ;)

The Fifth Element - VHS
Fifth Element HMV Special Collector's Edition Box Set with VHS Tape & Book

Click for the concept art of The Fifth Element

There's one scene particularly I love more than anything else in the movie and that's the song and the death of DIVA. I believe Luc Besson made this just for an excuse to have a beautiful woman all dressed up in blue latex performing a song while Leeloo kicked some butts. The editing is just perfect. Oh, what a scene.
See for yourself.

Here comes Diva Dance:

The complete Diva dance without effects, just makeup and green screen.


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