Are you fine or fucked?

April. A stick?!?
I guess I'm pretty screwed here! I'm more luckier than the one in August. A sock!!!
What's yours?

Cthupid - Vimeo Staff Pick

VALENTINE'S DAY was YESTERDAY but what the hey!

What happen if Cthulhu comes as Cupid?
The answer is easy, a bloody mess and with a whole lot of loving :) No wonder it got Vimeo Staff Pick

This animation made by Giovanni Braggio was just too good not to share. An animation in flash, background in photoshop and compositing in after effect, total duration of the project approximately 4 months. So much work, but the story is simple and so funny. Enjoy!

 Here comes Cthupid



Top 20 Amazing Cinematic Techniques Part 1 - 3.

I just want to show you some amazing cinematic techniques of how they actually manage to establish a shot. You will see various of shots made by steady cam, cranes, digital effects, rotation, bullet time and lots more.  

From his Youtube Channel:

Hi, I'm Oscar.
I like making films and taking photos. I'm a graduate of Digital Film and Television Production at The University of Wales.
Top 20 Amazing Cinematic Techniques Part 1 - 3. Here we go!




The Cannibal Chef plays the untrustworthy Web host manager

Meet this guy in a dark alley and you will probably shit your pants :)

Once again the cannibal chef Albin is in the loops of acting.
Malte Aronsson who also played the cannibal chef Albin in Cannibal Fog got a commercial gig in a competition for Loopia. Malte Aronsson plays the manager who runs Kentas Web och Sprit, "Kenta's Web and Moonshine". Kenta has everything in control and you as the visitor played by the cameraman hesitates while Kenta tries to convince you to put your company at his web hotel. The commercial with Malte Aronsson is divided into four different sequences and they were among all the submissions for the competition led by Loopia. Watch all of them here_>



ICKERMAN by Seth Ickerman Trailer (Sci-Fi - 2017) Must see!

Do you enjoy the Cyberpunk environment and 
the feeling of a dark future in a Corporate City?

Then Ickerman is for you dear reader!
A picture from the actual trailer.

The video below is a teaser trailer for the upcoming feature length sci-fi film Ickerman, directed and produced by Seth Ickerman. Just by the trailer alone, His team have put a lot of effort to make the picture look believable. It's tonnes of CGI and it looks incredible. The cinematography is awesome and the general atmosphere of the picture looks very promising. I've been longing for a real Cyberpunk-movie for years. Now we have to wait until the release.
* "If on schedule and budget completed, filming should begin in the first quarter 2017. An innovative project that looks promising in the French film panorama and to which we shall probably have occasion to return.", taken from an interview with Seth and his crew.

It could be a hit or miss. But until then, enjoy the teaser trailer of Ickerman.

- I have never been so surprised like today watching this trailer.
This is too good to be true. A low budget trailer with really smooth animations and very well done effects. - I'm speechless.

The Poster for the movie

Ickerman Synopsis
Taking place in a futuristic megalopolis where new technologies and virtual reality are ruling society, Ickerman follows the adventures of a nostalgic high school teacher obsessed with 35 mm films and old cars. As he tries to rescue his best friend from the guru of this digital era, he falls into his imaginary world, acting like the characters he admires, and gives back to this world a part of reality.
Directed and Produced by: Seth Ickerman

If you want to know more?


I remember when I saw The Fifth Element for the first time. It was for the promotional campaign on a tray at Mc Donald's in 1997. I was completely blown away by the look and the action. It was really a refreshing scifi movie which blended art and action sequences perfectly. The costumes, all the different colours and the actors.

I've always admired Bruce Willis Here he really plays well and his character is a typical low life guy.

The cigarette filter is white and the tobacco roll is brown.
 Gary Oldman, as the main villain. That guy is awesome. I can't help loving this evil creature.
He's such a bad ass.

 Oops, I forgot Milla Jovovich. She's so adorable in her very tight outfit.

The costumes were designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Just look at Chris Tuckers outfit.
With big roses around his neck. Funny hairballs and a headset.
The makeup department did a terrific job on his eyes.

Then when I saw the masterpiece I had to buy the soundtrack by Eric Serra (as R.X.R.A).
And yes, the following days I played it more than once ;)

The Fifth Element - VHS
Fifth Element HMV Special Collector's Edition Box Set with VHS Tape & Book

Click for the concept art of The Fifth Element

There's one scene particularly I love more than anything else in the movie and that's the song and the death of DIVA. I believe Luc Besson made this just for an excuse to have a beautiful woman all dressed up in blue latex performing a song while Leeloo kicked some butts. The editing is just perfect. Oh, what a scene.
See for yourself.

Here comes Diva Dance:

The complete Diva dance without effects, just makeup and green screen.

Jonas Wolcher - The Swedish Cult Movie Maker: I'm a sucker for zombies

Jonas Wolcher - The Swedish Cult Movie Maker: I'm a sucker for zombies: ZOMBIES- ZOMBIE - ZOMBIES!  I AM A SUCKER FOR ZOMBIES Albin Glasell as the creepy zombie bartender in his short Cocktail Apocalypse ...


I'm a sucker for zombies


Me dressed up as Ivo the character in martial art suit from Die Zombiejäger
with Jenny, the manager for SF-bokhandeln.

Albin Glasell as the creepy zombie bartender in his short Cocktail Apocalypse

I've always been a sucker for brains, oh sorry, zombies. They've always scared the shit of my as I grew up. Now passed 40, I'm still afraid of brain eating death machines. Zombies are so frightful because they almost attack in packs and are very seldom alone...

The shark scene in Zombi 2 is one of the best I ever seen.
When I saw the picture Zombie2. Zombie Flesh Eaters I was terrified for days. This was in 1991 and still today I sometimes dreams of zombies invading my house. The first zombie attack was really creapy. Now I grown a pair of harder nuts and can handle zombie movies better. That's one reason why I wanted to make my own zombie flick Zombienoid, short (2002).
Synopsis: Håkan is stuck in a zombie shooter game. Soon he has a difficulty differing the game from reality. Meanwhile a satanist wizard is conjuring an army of zombies using poisoned milk.

My dear friend Jonas Nilsson Lübeck
played the main character in Zombienoid

 It was my first attempt. Then nearly three years later I made (Die Zombiejäger, feature 2005).

The 10 year anniversary
of Die Zombiejäger 2015
A movie which was just a music video and turned into a short to finally transformed into a full feature. Only in Sweden a dozen of more zombie flicks were produced between 2002-2015. I've lost count.

 But what's happening now is the kids will have their zombie series on
This is not the logo for the show. I'm just fooling around.

Within 2 weeks zombies invade Barnkanalen, the kids TV channel no.1 in Sweden. This looks so promising and I'm looking forward to see the show. Zombie is about a zombie outbreak in Sweden. The fun thing is with a cast some of them known from Cannibal Fog and Hermit: Monster Killer.
Ida Karolin Johansson and Börje Lundberg from Zombie - STV Barn

Ida Karolin Johansson played the sexy girl in Cannibal Fog.

The poster for Cannibal Fog. The idea of the plate in front of Kim Sønderholm's crouch
was actually Malte Aronsson's idea. Brilliant!
Ida Karolin Johansson is now very frequent in various productions in Sweden. I would love to work with Ida again. She's such a sweet girl. I was lucky to have her playing Michael's (Linus Karlgren) older girlfriend and fuckpal.
Even if she's bloody like hell she enjoyed her part in Cannibal Fog.
She had to sit on a large towel to soak up the the blood pumping.through tubes hidden in her shirt.

Börje Lundberg was the main character in Hermit: Monster Killer.

Hermit: Monster Killer  tells the story of an aged and rather cranky recluse (played by Börje Lundberg, pictured above) who decides to take matters into his own hands when a mysterious monster turns up and has the tasteless audacity to kill his dog!

Though Börje Lundberg is only 63 years his character should be more than 70 years old. They put some aging makeup and I think they did a good job because it's convincing.

Through 2015 Börje Lundberg  participated in more than 10 different productions.

Now he's most known for the neighbor character in En man som heter Ove.

Happy Birthday Therese

I have many Facebook friends, but I don't know all of them in person.
I decided to share a friend today who's celebrating her birthday.

Here we go!


We send you a three times hooray to you from me and Mr Krister.
He's the one without a cap ;)

We salute you!
Have a lovely day dear!


DIE ZOMBIEJÄGER - The lost tapes of makeup

This is the Lost Tapes of Die Zombiejäger 2005.
This feature was found on the 3 disc version as one of the Easter eggs. Unfortunately this version is hard to get today. Die Zombiejäger 3 disc Face Rip Off  Edition from 2010 was only released in 666 copies which were numbered and an additional 334 disc were unnumbered. Today the box is a hot collectors item because of the movie's cult status among zombie lovers.

In April 2007 I finally released the first DVD by Regain Records. The copy was a huge hit in Sweden and many bought a copy. The cover was painted in oil by Gustaf Ström from an original photo taken outside the water tower of  Johanneberg in Gothenburg Sweden 2003. Gustaf painted the picture and it was ready in late 2004. I am still blown apart by the result. Luckily I got a transfer direct from the painting. That's why the details are so crispy the colours are so bright.


We had so much fun doing this.

Finally I just have to share one of my favorite reviews of all time. Written by Averno and It was so good we actually printed the quote on the Die Zombiejäger 3 disc edition.
The best low budget film since Bad taste!

16 May 2007 Author: averno from Sweden

First of all I must tell you that this is a low budget film and must be judged as one and not compared with Hollywood "way to much money to handle" mainstream productions. Martin Brisshäll, Nick Holmquist and Christian van Caine acts as a German task force that's called to Gothenburg to take care about a "small zombie problem" caused by poisoned milk. 3 Germans against 150 zombies. The first murder takes place before the starting role list has come to an end and that to the wonderfully aggressive tunes of Dark Funeral - Thus I have spoken. This pretty much sets the standards for this film. Aggressive music and lots of blood and gore. What we see here is not perfection but what this film lacks in perfection it gains in the air of total fun you really feel coming out from creating this film. I haven't felt like this for any low budget films since the mighty Bad taste. I really hope this film gains the same amount of success as Bad taste without Jonas Wolcher (director) losing his mind and start directing King Kong II. More GGH (Gothenburg Gore Horror) to the people !!!!

 Die Zombiejäger was the first feature I did and I wanted the genre to have a name. I decided to call it -GGH-, Gothenburg Gore Horror ©, or Gothenburg Gothic Horror ©.
Whenever I make a new feature I put the logo, but very small on the cover of the movie or on the DVD just to make sure the fans will recognize the label.

My ambition this year is to rerelease Die Zombiejäger and then call it: Die Zombiejäger "10 year anniversary limited edition". A collectors item with new extra features. #keepyourfingercrossed.

The new disc with some extra features and never seen before material.


Special Effects Auteurs (and the particular genius of Screaming Mad George)

Written by By Scott Jeffery

Freaked (1993)

Jonas Wolcher:
- Sometimes when I find interesting topics or articles I want to share them with you. The particularly blog contained an article about Makeup SFX a topic I keep close to my heart. I've done so many makeup effects and always adored the profession being a special effects guy. I have not taking a single class in makeup or special effects. I've gone from a total amateur into someone who actually can get paid buy doing makeup effects.
Screaming Mad George is one of many companies I've looked up to since my interest for special effects began. Enjoy this article with a steady cup of coffee as I did while reading it.

- Watching the documentary Fantastic Flesh The Art of Make-Up FX an idea came to me. When the auteur theory was being developed by film theorists and critics way back when in the 20th century its aim was to have film directors recognized as the true authors of a film even though film production was both a collective and industrial process. Despite these factors the true auteurs voice, style and thematic concerns could, so the argument went,  be discerned in any of their works. I had the idea that this article would present a complex theory of the special effects artist as auteurs but on reflection thought it would be more fun to celebrate the work of Screaming Mad George, and watch a bunch of videos of cool special-effects on the way.

Read the whole article here!