Special Effects Auteurs (and the particular genius of Screaming Mad George)

Written by By Scott Jeffery

Freaked (1993)

Jonas Wolcher:
- Sometimes when I find interesting topics or articles I want to share them with you. The particularly blog contained an article about Makeup SFX a topic I keep close to my heart. I've done so many makeup effects and always adored the profession being a special effects guy. I have not taking a single class in makeup or special effects. I've gone from a total amateur into someone who actually can get paid buy doing makeup effects.
Screaming Mad George is one of many companies I've looked up to since my interest for special effects began. Enjoy this article with a steady cup of coffee as I did while reading it.

- Watching the documentary Fantastic Flesh The Art of Make-Up FX an idea came to me. When the auteur theory was being developed by film theorists and critics way back when in the 20th century its aim was to have film directors recognized as the true authors of a film even though film production was both a collective and industrial process. Despite these factors the true auteurs voice, style and thematic concerns could, so the argument went,  be discerned in any of their works. I had the idea that this article would present a complex theory of the special effects artist as auteurs but on reflection thought it would be more fun to celebrate the work of Screaming Mad George, and watch a bunch of videos of cool special-effects on the way.

Read the whole article here!


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