Hermit: Monster Killer aka Den gamle och monstret DVD

Den är limiterad till endast 100 ex, numrerad för hand och signerad av regissören Ola Paulakoski.

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Om Hermit: Monster Killer
Filmen är en monsterkomedi, gjord i Värmland och på värmländska med Börje Lundberg "En man som heter Ove" i huvudrollen. Vi har varit och turnerat runt i världen med filmen och den fick föregående år titeln Arthouse i Mumbai och vann pris för bästa monsterskräckis på en filmfestival i Los Angeles. Den har varit mycket populär i Mexiko och har visats där två gånger. Hermit: Monster Killer har blivit mycket populär på en TV-kanal som heter TEEB TV i Indonesien och har setts av mer än 50.000 tittare.
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"Var på er vakt innan skogen förvandlas till rena smörgåsbordet".
Äntligen släpps Sveriges i särklass mest skruvade monsterkomedi DEN GAMLE OCH MONSTRET på DVD. Den är limiterad till endast 100 ex, numrerad för hand och signerad av regissören Ola Paulakoski. Förutom filmen innehåller DVDn
  • Bakomfilm om symfoniorkester Thomas Rydell (textat på engelska)
  • intervjuer med Johannes, Henrik, Baso, Anders (textat på engelska)
  • bakom-material (SFX). (textat på engelska)
  • kommentarspår

Språk: Filmen är på värmländska,
Textad på spanska, engelska,
tyska, och svenska. Regionsfri DVD


Jonas Wolcher's guest at Chattering with Nicholas Vince

Please join me when I chat with the Swedish cult movie maker, Jonas Wolcher and we discuss his Hidden Horror, 'Exorcist III' plus two of his films 'Cannibal Fog' and 'Die Zombiejäger'.
- Nicholas Burman Vince "Shatter" - Hellraiser 1-2 -

You can watch and post questions here on YouTube https://youtu.be/rgv4F9eKGY4
Jonas went to Gothenburg University to study Film Theory. After a year he left as he wanted to make films, instead of becoming a film critic . He started his film career in 1999 on a Swedish version of Blair Witch Project "Yvonne", but it failed because the guy who owned the camera and the editing software moved to the UK. Since then he's worked in many roles in independent films: Producer, Editor, Director, Writer, Art department, Makeup Department, Visual effects, Sound department, Cinematographer and more. He is well known for his zero budget approach to marketing films.
Learn more about Jonas at http://www.jonaswolcher.com

The show starts at 7pm London, 11am Los Angeles and 2pm in New York.


The Predator was awesome and cut.

I remembered when I saw The Predator on VHS for the first time. I'm been having my eyes on the brochure from the renting company for nearly a month. And then finally I got the VHS rental. We put it in the machine and watched it. It was like magic but there were something missing. Like 5 min or pure violence and mayhem. The Swedish Censorship had slashed a perfect movie.
I had to wait until it came on DVD when I saw the original version. And from that day I was in heaven. The Predator has to be one of the cheesiest and coolest manbro movie ever.
Watch it on Bluray/DVD/downloader or Streamer. It doesn't matter. It's still a wonderful action thriller scifi drama with one of the hardest lines ever in film history.
"You're bleeding man! -
I ain''t got time to bleed"


Thank YOU for being important in my life.

I care about you FANS and followers and that's why I created a Patreon page.

Who am I? My name is Jonas Wolcher aka Mr Zombie, a Swedish viking and creator of New Swedish Genre Cinema and welcome to my world of odd worlds of creatures and foes. I am a full blooded hardcore genre film maker and have produced movies since 2000 with wierd titles such as Swedish cult mammoth DIE ZOMBIEJÄGER, DRAGONETTI THE RUTHLESS CONTRACT KILLER, HERMIT: MONSTER KILLER, ROOT OF DARKNESS, CANNIBAL FOG to name a few. I love making all kinds of pictures from Sleaze to extreme horror, scifi, western, action and revenge. As long as it's a genre film I'm sinking my teeth into it. A part of the producing and directing I also act, write scripts, do a lot of makeup SFX and have a distribution company.
Please join me and follow my struggle as a film producer and director.

I have such worlds to show you. - Pinhead "Hellraiser"

Check out my Patreon site here


Creator of Die Zombiejäger does the Hammer Dance

This is me, Jonas Wolcher birthday (April 15th) gift to you all fellow fans, followers, friends and neighbors is the Hammer Dance. One of my favourite dance styles which is easy to do. It looks funny and yes I agree it's a bit ridiculous but I love doing this. Especially on a crowded dance floor. The song I picked was a special version of La Style's classic techno "James Brown is Dead". TECHNO INDUSTRIAL EXITOS 90'S

L.A. Style ‎– James Brown Is Dead
Label:Bounce Records ‎– IND 616.6
Format:Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Released:1991 Genre:
Electronic Style:Techno
- James brown is dead (Digital mix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtoIx...

Ladies and Gentlemen. Beware. Here is The Hammer Dance.


Dragonetti runs for free a week from today.

Have you heard about the Swedish exploitation Dragonetti? 
One of the most craziest and violent action movies ever produced in Sweden.
From the director @jonaswolcher's birthday April 15th to April 22nd you can watch the Italian Cut of Dragonetti The Ruthless Contract Killer for free on vimeo. 

Jonas Wolcher from the set of Precision The Child Drug Trafficking

English subtitles for free on Vimeo.
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Claudio Dragonetti is an Italian assassin, one of the best in the industry. He is hired by a local mafia boss in Gothenburg, Ivan. He needs Dragonettis services to get rid of the two competitors. The job is nothing special really. This is something that Claudio Dragonetti done many times before. But this time something goes wrong and he accidentally kills the wrong people. This is appreciated neither by the Mafia or the Swedish authorities and Dragonetti soon finds that he is driven from two directions. But Claudio Dragonetti has a trump card which none of his enemies know. He has signed a pact with Satan, a pact that makes him almost invulnerable, all he had to leave in return was his own immortal soul.

Aldo Cunei is playing the badass character Dragonetti.


The success of the Swedish monster movie made in Värmland continues

Have you heard about Hermit: Monster Killer?

This has become one of the strangest scifi comedies ever produced.
Director Ola Paulakoski (Vietnam 1969 ,Werewolf Chronicles) has created a fantastic story about an old grumpy guy and his dog living in a middle of nowhere fighting a space creature who has crash landed nearby his house. Hermit has been screened on several festivals and last year it got the title Arthouse in Mumbai.
A collaboration with TeebTV and Vidio were made and HeIrmit was screened for the first time on both channels in April 2017. If you haven't watched the movie yet it's still a chance. We are going to screen it for free on TeebTV for another period.


Crowdfire a solution for bloggers

I've been using the app Crowdfire (Android) for almost 6 months now and I have to say it's a very good solution for us bloggers to get the message out to fans and others who might find our topics as interesting reading. There is one free version and one upgrade to choose between. At the moment I'm using the first one.
The app is very easy to navigate and you have an AI who gives you advice in the beginning to get to know you properly.
Once it's got to know you it can post both pictures and movies which is very convenient for me as a film maker.
If you want to reach out to more costumers or fans I suggest you to give it a try. Crowdfire is something to keep track of every move on various connected social media.



Jonas Wolcher - The Swedish Cult Movie Maker: Octolab's part three became 3 out of 5

Jonas Wolcher - The Swedish Cult Movie Maker: Octolab's part three became 3 out of 5: Anyone familiar with the videos by Octolab probably will understand the universe Jonas Wolcher, the director has created, ot...

Octolab's part three became 3 out of 5

Anyone familiar with the videos by Octolab probably will understand the universe Jonas Wolcher, the director has created, otherwise not. But if you haven't watch them yet don't be sad. By watching the first two episodes "Caravan" and "Mind and Matter" and you will enter a mythology of aliens, cenobites, altered dimensions ,space traveling and all blended beautifully together with a twist.

Jonas explains: - It was in the end of October 2017 we shot the video ARTE but when we came home from the shooting I saw the material of what we had achieved and realized we can't just let it be one video in 4 minutes. No one will ever understand. It needs to be three in order to tell the full story including the conclusion of the female alien wizard trying to get home to safety. I then decided to divided them into three parts.
The first one is called "BBSTS" or "Better be safe than sorry" and is about the story of the female alien trying to escape the cenobites lurking in the shadows of the spaceship buried deep into a well guarded by soldiers.

Putting the cast back together

Jonas: - I love my crew and my cast therefor it wasn't hard to persuade them to go for another turn. In the main lead were Ida Karolin Johansson, Malte Aronsson, Emeli Andersson, the newcomer Olivia Lansinger and of course the duo of Octolab who play the cenobites.
Others to mention are Krister Brandling who plays one of the guards and the director himself has a small role in the video.


Jonas: - There were almost 15 extras in the video and was shot in Lysekil, Sweden from 10/21-10/22 2017. It was freezing cold that day and the extras were chilled to the bones. The final result really shows how dark and brownish the season of the fall is in Sweden.
The video contains of more than 150 digital effects shots. The director graded and did all the VFX to make them look like they were at least 30 years old.

Jonas explains: -The digital effects and the optical effects I grew up with was not the best but it worked to tell a story. Today the VFX is far too good that's why I decided to take one step back and make them a bit more cartoonish than realistic. VFX should be used very carefully and I believe we pulled this one off pretty well.
I've always loved Italian horror and Clive Barkers "Hellraiser". I wanted "Better be safe than sorry" to be like a something taken from a horror movie and at the same time a dark gothic horror story but this time the twist is. It ends with a cliffhanger.

DoP David Eric Nilsson Starring Ida Karolin Johansson, Emelie Andersson, Malte Aronsson, Olivia Lansinger, Krister Brandling, Jonas Norman and more.

Next video with Octolab will be "ARTE" or "A reason to erase". Release date TBA. If you want to have a sneak peek check out my Periscope!