DIE ZOMBIEJÄGER - The lost tapes of makeup

This is the Lost Tapes of Die Zombiejäger 2005.
This feature was found on the 3 disc version as one of the Easter eggs. Unfortunately this version is hard to get today. Die Zombiejäger 3 disc Face Rip Off  Edition from 2010 was only released in 666 copies which were numbered and an additional 334 disc were unnumbered. Today the box is a hot collectors item because of the movie's cult status among zombie lovers.

In April 2007 I finally released the first DVD by Regain Records. The copy was a huge hit in Sweden and many bought a copy. The cover was painted in oil by Gustaf Ström from an original photo taken outside the water tower of  Johanneberg in Gothenburg Sweden 2003. Gustaf painted the picture and it was ready in late 2004. I am still blown apart by the result. Luckily I got a transfer direct from the painting. That's why the details are so crispy the colours are so bright.


We had so much fun doing this.

Finally I just have to share one of my favorite reviews of all time. Written by Averno and It was so good we actually printed the quote on the Die Zombiejäger 3 disc edition.
The best low budget film since Bad taste!

16 May 2007 Author: averno from Sweden

First of all I must tell you that this is a low budget film and must be judged as one and not compared with Hollywood "way to much money to handle" mainstream productions. Martin Brisshäll, Nick Holmquist and Christian van Caine acts as a German task force that's called to Gothenburg to take care about a "small zombie problem" caused by poisoned milk. 3 Germans against 150 zombies. The first murder takes place before the starting role list has come to an end and that to the wonderfully aggressive tunes of Dark Funeral - Thus I have spoken. This pretty much sets the standards for this film. Aggressive music and lots of blood and gore. What we see here is not perfection but what this film lacks in perfection it gains in the air of total fun you really feel coming out from creating this film. I haven't felt like this for any low budget films since the mighty Bad taste. I really hope this film gains the same amount of success as Bad taste without Jonas Wolcher (director) losing his mind and start directing King Kong II. More GGH (Gothenburg Gore Horror) to the people !!!!

 Die Zombiejäger was the first feature I did and I wanted the genre to have a name. I decided to call it -GGH-, Gothenburg Gore Horror ©, or Gothenburg Gothic Horror ©.
Whenever I make a new feature I put the logo, but very small on the cover of the movie or on the DVD just to make sure the fans will recognize the label.

My ambition this year is to rerelease Die Zombiejäger and then call it: Die Zombiejäger "10 year anniversary limited edition". A collectors item with new extra features. #keepyourfingercrossed.

The new disc with some extra features and never seen before material.



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