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It has begun - Excellent craftwork

Today is a big day for us all! Check out this awesomeness of steel manufactured for our purpose. Making the greatest Swedish accurate historical picture ever. Unfortunately I can't reveal much more. Follow our journey from pre-production to the actual shooting on this website and on our other social media. STAY TUNED.  - Jonas Wolcher Producer

1: Shield bosses.
These are rather common finds and covered the centre grip of the Viking round shield as hand protection. This particular simple shape was used throughout the Viking age.

2, 11: Spearheads.

Spears were the most common weapon during the Viking age, being relatively cheap to manufacture as they contained a rather small amount of iron. The length of the spear made it very effective in the battlefield. 2a is equipped with wings to stop the spear from going through the target. 2b is a slim shape common in the early 10 th century.

3: Viking age Helmet.

Viking Helmet inspired by the Gjermundby Helmet found in Norway in 1…

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