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Looking back! Making of Octolabs second music video. Mind and Matter

7 September 2017

Horror producer Jonas Wolcher known for strange titles such as the zombie cult movie “DIE ZOMBIEJÄGER” “HERMIT: MONSTER KILLER” and “CANNIBAL FOG” is back for the second time. “Mind and Matter” by Octolab. The band who consist of Arielle Andersson and Fredrik Lundvall Kindsäter. Fredrik is more known for one of the band members in the cult electro-duo Presto Fervant. Recently the band played at Electronic Summer 2017 and a couple of days later they won first price for their music video “Caravan” at a film festival in Romania.

Arielle: – We are having so much fun going on right now. “Mind and Matter” is the part two of the trilogy from our mini album “To Be Continued” which was released in June. This video we shot in April 30th.

In October we film “ARTE” the last video from the album. Octolab enjoys horror. “Mind and Matter is no exception. Like the previous “Caravan” the theme is horror but this time a much darker and sinister one. The story is taking off whe…