Jonas Wolcher SFX Classes

In 2004 I made the my first online special effects makeup school. Since then almost everyone I've been working with has received a copy or learned from the techniques. The SFX class consist of 7 different stages;

Now for the first time it's available for you too and it's FREE. Go to the link below to download your own copy of my "Grundkurs i specialeffekter" class.


Take the class and if you qualify all the stages you'll receive a a diploma. Don't worry it's not that difficult. Have fun and explore the products. Use your own imagination. Sounds interested?
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Special effects makeup classes at filmkollo.se

 Well today I held makeup classes at filmkollo.se in Främmestad, Nossebro Sweden
Each group consisted of 8 students got the task to do the most realistic wounds or scars. There was a young girl who totally blow me away. She wanted to to a snake bite wound. It looks very realistic if you compare to the real deal.

I also had one to make a stab wound in her forearm.
We had some lessons for latex and film blood from #kryolan makeup.

Here are a handful of students who did some incredible work by my instructions.

Some cerials, latex, blood and creative students at #filmkollo, #filmkollo2016
#teachingspecialmakeupeffects, #blood, #gore, #specialeffectsmakeup #JonasWolcher