The Cannibal Chef plays the untrustworthy Web host manager

Meet this guy in a dark alley and you will probably shit your pants :)

Once again the cannibal chef Albin is in the loops of acting.
Malte Aronsson who also played the cannibal chef Albin in Cannibal Fog got a commercial gig in a competition for Loopia. Malte Aronsson plays the manager who runs Kentas Web och Sprit, "Kenta's Web and Moonshine". Kenta has everything in control and you as the visitor played by the cameraman hesitates while Kenta tries to convince you to put your company at his web hotel. The commercial with Malte Aronsson is divided into four different sequences and they were among all the submissions for the competition led by Loopia. Watch all of them here_>



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