I'm a sucker for zombies


Me dressed up as Ivo the character in martial art suit from Die Zombiejäger
with Jenny, the manager for SF-bokhandeln.

Albin Glasell as the creepy zombie bartender in his short Cocktail Apocalypse

I've always been a sucker for brains, oh sorry, zombies. They've always scared the shit of my as I grew up. Now passed 40, I'm still afraid of brain eating death machines. Zombies are so frightful because they almost attack in packs and are very seldom alone...

The shark scene in Zombi 2 is one of the best I ever seen.
When I saw the picture Zombie2. Zombie Flesh Eaters I was terrified for days. This was in 1991 and still today I sometimes dreams of zombies invading my house. The first zombie attack was really creapy. Now I grown a pair of harder nuts and can handle zombie movies better. That's one reason why I wanted to make my own zombie flick Zombienoid, short (2002).
Synopsis: Håkan is stuck in a zombie shooter game. Soon he has a difficulty differing the game from reality. Meanwhile a satanist wizard is conjuring an army of zombies using poisoned milk.

My dear friend Jonas Nilsson Lübeck
played the main character in Zombienoid

 It was my first attempt. Then nearly three years later I made (Die Zombiejäger, feature 2005).

The 10 year anniversary
of Die Zombiejäger 2015
A movie which was just a music video and turned into a short to finally transformed into a full feature. Only in Sweden a dozen of more zombie flicks were produced between 2002-2015. I've lost count.

 But what's happening now is the kids will have their zombie series on
This is not the logo for the show. I'm just fooling around.

Within 2 weeks zombies invade Barnkanalen, the kids TV channel no.1 in Sweden. This looks so promising and I'm looking forward to see the show. Zombie is about a zombie outbreak in Sweden. The fun thing is with a cast some of them known from Cannibal Fog and Hermit: Monster Killer.
Ida Karolin Johansson and Börje Lundberg from Zombie - STV Barn

Ida Karolin Johansson played the sexy girl in Cannibal Fog.

The poster for Cannibal Fog. The idea of the plate in front of Kim Sønderholm's crouch
was actually Malte Aronsson's idea. Brilliant!
Ida Karolin Johansson is now very frequent in various productions in Sweden. I would love to work with Ida again. She's such a sweet girl. I was lucky to have her playing Michael's (Linus Karlgren) older girlfriend and fuckpal.
Even if she's bloody like hell she enjoyed her part in Cannibal Fog.
She had to sit on a large towel to soak up the the blood pumping.through tubes hidden in her shirt.

Börje Lundberg was the main character in Hermit: Monster Killer.

Hermit: Monster Killer  tells the story of an aged and rather cranky recluse (played by Börje Lundberg, pictured above) who decides to take matters into his own hands when a mysterious monster turns up and has the tasteless audacity to kill his dog!

Though Börje Lundberg is only 63 years his character should be more than 70 years old. They put some aging makeup and I think they did a good job because it's convincing.

Through 2015 Börje Lundberg  participated in more than 10 different productions.

Now he's most known for the neighbor character in En man som heter Ove.


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