Houdini 17 Banshee - Sneak Peek

"I'm always amazed when I see when real CGI water or fur working perfectly on a shot.
Today it's easy to believe what you see is for real.
Check out this sneak peek of Houdini 17 and get excited".
Jonas Wolcher - Producer and Director
Houdini 17 Banshee - Sneak Peek from SideFX Houdini on Vimeo.

Houdini 17 includes a wealth of new features, including a GPU-accelerated multisolver for cloth, hair, soft bodies and grains, a new white water solver, a material-based destruction framework, facial autorigs, fullbody IK, enhanced animation and modeling workflows, UV autoseaming, GLTF I/O, gamedev tools and much more.
On October 2, SideFX is hosting the Houdini 17 Launch event at Cirque Éloize in Montreal. The presentation will be recorded and we'll publish it asap afterwards.
The H17 release is scheduled for mid-October 2018.
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Music Credits: Olivier Orand
Album: Human | Live Nuit Hypnotique #4
Tracks: Forgotten Ritual, Benares


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