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Soon you can order your own T-shirt of your favourite zombie hunter, but until then take a look at these babies:

Välkommen till Shop From Beyond!

Shop From Beyond är Sveriges nya webbutik för skräck och skräckfilmsrelaterade produkter och merchendise.
Här kommer jag erbjuda försäljning av Kläder, Tidningar, Böcker, Film och andra Prylar för den inbitne skräckfantasten.

Då Shop From Beyond precis öppnat sina dörrar så kommer jag fylla på med nya varor kontinuerligt så håll gärna koll på mig och min webshop här eller på facebook : www.facebook/shopfrombeyond

Under tiden jag arbetar på diverse betallösningar så kan jag just nu bara erbjuda förskottsbetalning och betalning via paypal. Jag jobbar stenhårt på att få igång min kortbetalning i detta nu och jag kommer också erbjuda betalning mot faktura inom en snar framtid.Har ni tips, råd eller kanske hittat något knas med sidan?
 Tveka då inte på att skicka mig ett mail. Jag tar mer än gärna emot era tankar och funderingar.
Välkommen som kund!

Daniel Devilish


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Dragonetti runs for free a week from today.

Have you heard about the Swedish exploitation Dragonetti?  One of the most craziest and violent action movies ever produced in Sweden.
From the director @jonaswolcher's birthday April 15th to April 22nd you can watch the Italian Cut of Dragonetti The Ruthless Contract Killer for free on vimeo. 

English subtitles for free on Vimeo.
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Dragonetti2017 from Dino Publishing JW on Vimeo.
Claudio Dragonetti is an Italian assassin, one of the best in the industry. He is hired by a local mafia boss in Gothenburg, Ivan. He needs Dragonettis services to get rid of the two competitors. The job is nothing special really. This is something that Claudio Dragonetti done many times before. But this time something goes wrong and he accidentally kills the wrong people. This is appreciated neither by the Mafia or the Swedish authorities and Dragonetti soon finds that he is driven from two directions. But Claudio Dragonetti has a trump card which none o…

The success of the Swedish monster movie made in Värmland continues

Have you heard about Hermit: Monster Killer?

This has become one of the strangest scifi comedies ever produced.
Director Ola Paulakoski (Vietnam 1969 ,Werewolf Chronicles) has created a fantastic story about an old grumpy guy and his dog living in a middle of nowhere fighting a space creature who has crash landed nearby his house. Hermit has been screened on several festivals and last year it got the title Arthouse in Mumbai.
A collaboration with TeebTV and Vidio were made and HeIrmit was screened for the first time on both channels in April 2017. If you haven't watched the movie yet it's still a chance. We are going to screen it for free on TeebTV for another period.

The Predator was awesome and cut.

I remembered when I saw The Predator on VHS for the first time. I'm been having my eyes on the brochure from the renting company for nearly a month. And then finally I got the VHS rental. We put it in the machine and watched it. It was like magic but there were something missing. Like 5 min or pure violence and mayhem. The Swedish Censorship had slashed a perfect movie.
I had to wait until it came on DVD when I saw the original version. And from that day I was in heaven. The Predator has to be one of the cheesiest and coolest manbro movie ever.
Watch it on Bluray/DVD/downloader or Streamer. It doesn't matter. It's still a wonderful action thriller scifi drama with one of the hardest lines ever in film history.
"You're bleeding man! -
I ain''t got time to bleed"