Dragonetti (2010)

  • Dragonetti The Ruthless Contract Killer (Swedish title) 
  • Dragonetti Morte A Contratto (Italian title)
  • Date: 24 Sep, 23.30
  • Cinema:
  • Directed by:
Claudio Dragonetti is an Italian assassin – one of the best in the business. He is contracted by Ivan, a local mafia boss in Gothenburg who needs Dragonetti’s services to eliminate two rivals. The job is seemingly easy for an experienced assassin but this time something goes horribly wrong when the wrong targets are taken out. Dragonetti now finds himself the target of both the mafia and the Swedish government.
But Claudio Dragonetti has a trump card up his sleeve unknown to his enemies. He has made a deal with Satan to make him pretty much invulnerable. The only cost for this was his immortal soul.
Frequent FFF audiences are surely familiar with the Dragonetti character from the short film and festival favourite Die Zombiejäger from 2005. In this film, director Jonas Wolcher takes the leap from short to feature length and he does so without losing his sense of exploitation at its most entertaining stage. Wolcher describes his film as a mixture of Hellraiser, Rambo and Ichi The Killer. Sounds like a perfect midnight movie!
Johan Barrander


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