Cannibal Fog REDUX begins to shoot in September

 Cannibal Fog (2014) was Jonas Wolcher first attempt to make drama. And it became quite successful too. Though the movie got great reviews in magazines and by several critics but the audience found it a bit dull. Some claimed it had lack of blood, sex and was too long. Unfortunately the special makeup effects in the movie was cut away and replaced by REAL effects with REAL flesh.
Linus Karlgren who played Michael digested raw meat several of times Cannibal Fog (2014). We used REAL meat even on the most horrifying moments in the movie. We had one scene where you see Michael's leg filled with holes inside. Those were latex appliances otherwise it was in-camera-effects.

Here follows the truth behind Cannibal Fog, one of Sweden's most controversial movies ever made with the following message: "Become a cannibal and get away with it". 

To make the actors feel secured when we did the sex scenes the entire crew had to be almost naked.

The Story Behind Cannibal Fog
Jonas Wolcher got the idea during a walk from the city of Gothenburg because he missed the last tram to his place at Hisingen. It was about a 2 hour trip by foot in blistering snow and wind. This is the west coast of Sweden. It was cold outside and to keep him warm he had to occupy himself with something. He decided to record a story while walking. It turned out to be the first draft of a movie called "Defleshed" a story in three parts, based on the very popular TV-show "Come dine with me" and the real case of Armin Weives "The Rotenburg Cannibal".
It was about food bloggers invited to a home of a cannibal. Suddenly one of the guests is missing.
The script was then put in a drawer.

Anders Dahlberg, Malte Aronsson and Gustav Magnarsson during "The Party" scene.
Caroline Stråle Svensson as "Pernilla Cex"get the taste of the "Focus"

When "Albin", Malte Aronsson invites people for dinner everyone get unconscious.

From left to right: Brian Bell and Jonas Wolcher
A year later Jonas Wolcher and Brian Bell decide to open up the script and begin to rewrite the story. Within a month they came up with a story based on Jonas Wolcher's first draft and called it Cannibal Fog. Cannibal Fog is the last stage you enter while digesting human flesh. This comment came actually from an interview with a real cannibal who explained, "The kick I got after eating a human being made me loose my sense, I kept eating in real frenzy and couldn't stop". Jonas Wolcher loved that line so much he invented the following: A cannibal is never alone. He has his superior who have initiated her/him into the world of cannibalism. The trial is called "Run"
Jonas Wolcher explains: "This sacred mantra is every cannibal should know and to become a real cannibal you need to do a "Run". A run is the baptism of a cannibal. You need to taste different people in an open space until you reach "Cannibal Fog".
In the movie Michael's Run is together with Albin in the middle of the city of Gothenburg to the soundtrack of "Staden Göteborg" with The Troublemakers.

In this cafe scene we use real squibs (exploding blood bags)  filled with cinnamon.
Chocolate scene: One of Albin played by Malte Aronsson's victims.
Lotta (Ida Karolin Johansson) and Michael (Linus Karlgren) in a erotic moment.

One of the scenes we are going to reshoot. The piggy has to die!

This is not a fake kidney. It's a real one from a sheep and the blood is real.
The director Jonas Wolcher (not seen in photo) instruct Malte how to hold the mallet.

 Let's make it shorter and with a hell amount of special makeup effects

Ola Paulakoski director/ editor and friend of  Jonas Wolcher's advice tor was to make it shorter (running time now is 114 min), the new version is 94 min. That's 20 min off and now add some REAL hardcore effects and scenes.

We are going to reshoot following scenes:

  • Fighting in the kitchen.
  • Shaving and eating the victim 
  • The fridge
  • Chocolate
  • Cannibal Run
  • The dinner party

And add:
  • My life with the cannibals

In total we are talking about at least 10 min of new material never seen. Cannibal Fog REDUX will come in a 2 disc version box with some collectors material. The first 100 copies comes with part of the soundtrack from the movie. Release date is around Christmas. More info TBA.

ADDED stuff 13th of August 2016

Don't forget to check our photographer "Hank" at Studio Bongo Rymér 

CANNIBAL FOG Promotional photos by "Hank" for you to print out and save until the next time we see each other. I would love to sign autographs to YOU my dear fans.

AND Remember

  • First bite gives you focus
  • Third bite the orgasm
  • The fifth bite and you enter Cannibal Fog

Do you dare to go all the way?

 More to come about the movie Cannibal Fog


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