Root of Darkness sneak preview

Friday the 1st of July we had a sneak preview of our coming feature Root of Darkness the day before Kultfilmsfestivalen (Den Magiska Biodagen) at theater Palladium in Alingsås, Sweden. It was fun to be able to show the movie for the first time. Gustav Ljungdahl the director was there including Jesper Danielsson, his co-writer and head star in Root of Darkness. The score is composed by the very talented Mark Kueffner. Produced by Jonas Wolcher and René Wiesner.
Gustav Ljungdahl was interviewed for Bitches of Horror by Sarah Giercksky

The cast (

Fanny HedenbergHärskare Ragnar / Victim

Hugo Hilton-BrownLeroy

Gustav LjungdahlThe Death

Björn ThidellVictim

Katriina RuottinenGreta

Jonas LindhThe Priest

Jesper DanielssonErland

It's Erland's (Jesper Danielsson) 50th birthday,
and his wife Greta (Katriina Ruottinen) has invited some of their friends and family to their cabin in the woods for a party - and frankly, he could be a whole lot happier about this, as not only does he not enjoy turning 50 or the people who plan on coming, he's also a hobby historian who for some reason just knows some historic artifacts are hidden somewhere on the premises, he has just so far failed to unearth them. But this time round he's lucky for a change - while taking care of the cesspit he finds some weird artefacts including an oddly chiselled skull. Somehow though his blood gets onto the skull which awakens something, then Greta's stung by a splinter from the artefact which causes a rash that soon covers her whole body, makes her head blow open ... and she turns into a monster. And with the guests about to come and being killed off by the monster as they arrive, it's up to Erland (in knight's armour) and the always helpful neighbour Leroy (Hugo Hilton-Brown) to ward of evil - even if they only have a diffuse idea how ...
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A screenshot from the sneak preview available on youtube.

We are all so happy for the response of the movie Root of Darkness. 90K in rating on

The teaser trailer for the movie.

Gustav Ljungdahl is an awesome propmaker.
Check out his channel
on youtube.


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