Dino Publishing JW movies on Indonesian TV - TeebTV

I've been having fantastic conversation with Azuan Muda

He's the founder TeebTV,  the Indonesian indie-TV channel. A channel for you who want to see content from all over the world.  TeebTV offers a large variety of TV-series, short films, drama, documentaries. The  policy of the company is simple. If you are a Indie Filmmaker here's a spot to show your movie.Below you can see a sample of what TeebTV's showing.


Azuan Muda - My ambition is to make TeebTV like the "Netflix for Indies".

He is also one of the speakers at in Content Asia Summit  Singapore next week.

Welcome to our Big Fat Engagement Party! :) #CAengaged

Exploring happily ever after in Asia's multi-screen content universe.

The ContentAsia Summit this year celebrates every kind of engagement between video and viewers.
We're exploring everything from premium drama, big shiny formats, high-value sports, long-loved classics and channels across a range of screens and ways to pay, to where the new generations of stories and storytelling are coming from, live video streaming on social networks & what this is adding to the content story, data-driven curation, targetting and monetisation, tech, adtech and marketing.  Read more: 

A whole section of Swedish low budget movies on TeebTV

I'm happy to announce we are going to put our movies on TeebTV. This platform make them available in Indonesia. This is our first step to get more action, horror, Scifi and exploitation movies from Sweden to a complete new level. We are beginning our journey to expand in Asia and starts off in Indonesia.

Very soon our first feature will be available through this platform. See ya on TeebTV.


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