Jonas Wolcher SFX Classes

In 2004 I made the my first online special effects makeup school. Since then almost everyone I've been working with has received a copy or learned from the techniques. The SFX class consist of 7 different stages;

Now for the first time it's available for you too and it's FREE. Go to the link below to download your own copy of my "Grundkurs i specialeffekter" class.

Take the class and if you qualify all the stages you'll receive a a diploma. Don't worry it's not that difficult. Have fun and explore the products. Use your own imagination. Sounds interested?
Just add me on Instagram and you are ready to go.
Hashtag your pictures at #JonasWolcher or #jonaswolcherSFX
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Jonas Wolcher
Gothenburg, Vastra Gotalands Lan, Sweden
Jonas was born in Gothenburg at Östra Sjukhuset 15th of April 1973. He spent his childhood most of the time in Skåne until he went to school. Jonas began a career as a tourist guide, but then moved on to become a journalist. He started his first company (commercials) 1996 when he moved back to his hometown. There he tried many different works, salesman, sampler, telephone salesman, merchandiser. 1997 Jonas went to Gothenburg University to study Film Theory. After less than a year he couldn't go on any further. Jonas wanted to make film instead of becoming a film critic. Today 2016 He's now working with movies from all over the world. Jonas Wolcher has worked with special effects since 1998, for movies, music videos and lectures "impressive horror makeup easy and effective". Now Jonas Wolcher has been involved in several projects such as Sektor 236, Barracuda, WeekEND, Root of Darkness, Hermit, Monster Killer, Coctail Apocalypse, Precision, Stay among many.