Swedish dubbing legend goes viking

Swedish actor Peter Sjöquist grew up near a Viking excavation site in a suburb outside Stockholm. A visit there as an eight year old initiated a reading frenzy and he read everything he could find about Vikings. Now he will become one himself in Nikita Ivanenko Viking saga “ The Dead Man's Mound ”, thanks to Jonas Wolcher who is producing this big production.

Photo: Peter Sjöquist
 hen Jonas Wolcher first started planning this studio picture, Peter Sjöquist was one of the first to get involved. They had been in contact through LinkedIn and Jonas was impressed by Peter’s acting style. He asked Peter if he would mind running around with guns, shooting monsters in one of his films and Peter was thrilled. When Ivanenko’s script the found its way to Jonas’ desk, he immediately thought of Peter as one of the hardboiled Vikings. As Peter also is an acknowledged voice artist and director of Swedish dubbed films with more than thirty years of experience, Jonas wanted him to be a part of the post-production team and to be more involved in the project.
Peter will bring a lot of experience into this team and has been directing the Swedish versions of Cars, CARS 2, Ratatouille, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Arthur And The Minimoys and Alice In Wonderland to mention a few. The work with Arthur And The Minimoys made Luc Besson write a letter to express his gratitude over the Swedish version of his film. Peter has also many years of experience from Pinewood Studios and sound mixing for cinema.
Peter Sjöquist reading against Will Ferrell in additional recordings for Megamind.
Videolinked ADR session with the studio in L.A and director Tom McGrath.
Photo from Fadden (2014)
Right now I’m really excited to see this project grow so fast. It’s been a
privilege to work with Jonas from the beginning and I’m so impressed
by him. In productions I get excited when everyone works as one unit,
and a project comes to life.”
Taken from "Lantisar" (2019).
“I love storytelling. I tell stories as an actor and I’ve always loved acting
in front of the camera and to see what I can express within a given
space. That applies to my photography. I tell a story and decides what
the audience can see or not, the rest is up to their imagination. The
same goes for writing, it’s all about storytelling and I’ve been privileged
enough to get a publishers contract for a book I’m working on right
Peter was born in Norrköping, Sweden but grew up in Rinkeby, a disreputable suburb
to Stockholm. As a child he loved to read books and watch old films like Tarzan, Robin
Hood, The Scarlet Pimpernel and many more. He wanted to become an actor already at
the age of eight and he joined small theatre groups for kids. When he was seventeen
he got his first big role in the film Sova Räv where he worked side by side with some of
Swedens most distinguished actors. He learned a lot about film acting from the films
DoP, Bille August. The year after Sova Räv he came in at the National Academy of
Mime and Acting as one of the youngest students ever. Peter is also an experienced
cold water diver and also worked as a diving instructor for many years.

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