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Lars Lundgren and Malte Aronsson in the man eating kitchen scene

 …there is a nice blend of humor and levity to break up the seriousness which at times impede the progress, and if you’re willing to overlook the sometimes atrocious acting and scenarios, then you can enjoy the display that Jonas Wolcher has laid out in front of you.

Jonas Wolcher, the director and his creation played by Vargman Bjärsborn

His double-duty of directing and writing shows his versatility, and while this movie certainly won’t set off any “wow-factor” alarms, it will please the inner savage.” Thanks Dread Central Starring Kim Sønderholm Malte Aronsson Linus Karlgren Ida Karolin Johansson Vargman Bjärsborn Johanna Valero Anosh Parvazi Juznur Juzzyj Cissi Liljenmalm Helen Larsson Torbjörn Amilon Kjell Eriksson Christer Blomgren Carola Kastell Janne Aarnseth Gustav Ljungdahl Pia Schmidtbauer Marie Louise Sjögren Marie Yeeni Abrahamsson and more no one is forgotten - Photo: Hank

Linus Karlgren as Michael

Linus Karlgren and Malte Aronsson during the Cannibal Run sequence

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