Uganda’s Wakaliwood Movie Industry features in 

PLAYBOY Magazine of January 2016 

This is so nice. My friend Isaac Nabavna and his crew at Ramon Film Productions Wakaliwood got a really big article with several pictures and pages in the infamous Playboy Magazine. The last issue with naked girls :( 

A fold in the mag.

Isaac is the man behind Who Killed Captain Alex and at least a handful of other action packed Supa Movies as they say in Uganda :)
If you haven't seen a good action movie for a long time you don't have to wait any more.
This is just for YOU. It has everything. Who Killed Captain Alex even got cheesy CGI.
The total budget for the movie was $200.

Isaac's just made another Wakaliwood picture.

 Ugandan Expendables - Operation Kakongoliro!

If they managed to do a Who Killed Captain Alex for only $200.
Operation Kakongoliro was made with $2000 thanks to all the fans of Ugandan action movies who support the production through Kickstarter.

Not coming to a cinema near you, but

you will probably be able to see it online or in smaller film festivals.

We attend to show Operation Kakongoliro on a festival/movie night here in Sweden.

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