How I became co producer for a movie from Uganda!

I'm now an associate producer for an Ugandan movie!

My life just changed into something else. I got a question from a you boy Frank who loved my special effects. After I sent him my movies and movie clips and he asked me if I could help his uncle Sserunnya Kaddu Earnest to do some artwork. He needed a poster for his forthcoming action movie Precision: -The Child Drug Trafficking (
Of course I said yes! Who wouldn't
And I did. The poster looks astonishing! I got so many of his fellow landsmen said they thought the poster was a killer and loved it.

The 27" by 40" poster for Precision: The Child Drug Trafficking
Then I suggested some lobbycards to go with it. Earnest agreed.

The lobbycards came with 8 different pictures in the first series. 
Here are four of them.
Note the logo of Uganda Action Cinema to the right.

Then I did the logo to Uganda Action Cinema which is the company and the genre of the movie. I made with the bird with inspiration from the flag and used the M to represent the birds torso. I want the people from Uganda to be proud when they see the logo. Uganda action movies are hotter than ever here in the West world. They make movies no one ever seen before. That's what I like about it.

This is my contribution (and the company to Precision: -The Child Drug Trafficking on

 I'm so honored to be part of Uganda Action Cinema. Thank you Sserunnay Kaddu Earnest!


  1. This is so cool! A movie from Uganda and I'm one of the producers.


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