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By Carola Knubben and Liv Gorissen at Conmose

Swedish film maker Jonas Wolcher is back in the producers chair again but this time with a much bigger production.

I'm planning a studio picture Nikita Ivanenko's viking saga “The Dead Man's Mound” directed by the award winning Chandradeep Das, which is in the pre-production. An authentic historical movie with a great crew and with actors from all over the world. Everything you see in the movie is for real. It's made by craftsmen from actual findings in Scandinavia. It's a pretty big production with a lot of crew. We want to shoot the movie in late 2019 on locations in Sweden and in Iceland. At the moment we are looking for more investors.

The script is co-written by Victoria Tarazi who's been working a lot with Michael Bay in the 90s. Among of the actors are Yan BirchMatthias HuesHarley WallenIda Karolin JohanssonKim Sønderholm, Peter Sjöquist and Jason Trost. The music will be composed by Thomas Rydell and the award winning Marco Werba together with the All-Star rock band Bleckhorn

For makeup is the infamous sfx Mark Maitre and his crew. The second unit is run by Paul Weston and stunt coordinator Lars Lundgren. Both are well known in the stunt world in Hollywood.

During the design production by Mattias Johansson of Dead Man's Mound, He has have striven to use craftsmen of the absolute top tier of their respective fields. The producer employs people within several different disciplines, like blacksmiths, wood carvers, cobblers, tailors and bowyers, to name a few.

The goal is to use as much materials and colours typical for the period as possible, in fabrics, wood and leather. The ambition is to create a viking age film based closely around finds and knowledge about the epoch. This includes everything visible in front of the camera, including chain mail, helmets, weapons, chests, buildings, ships and clothing.

Additionally, the things toe create for Dead Man's Mound are produced as locally as possible, making as small a environmental footprint as possible. When it comes to the people behind the camera, however, the producer has more inclusive, and have a wide ethnic variety and a balance between the gender.


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