From Star Wars to Dungeons & Dragons

When I grew up in the 80's Star Wars was everywhere. Trading cards like these were available in every toy store. The most popular was "Filmisar" from Star Wars. A tiny card with white background and a framed front picture of one of the scenes from the movie.You could buy huge ships, like Tie-Fighters, Transporters, AT-AT and of course The Millennium Falcon.

What a ship. It had everything a 11 year old boy wanted. Unfortunately my parents and I myself didn't afford any kind of that luxury. But I still can feel the smell of the boxes on the shelves in the toy store.
In my hometown Varberg we had two of them. Lek o Bo and I can't remember the other one.
I bought some cards there by my own and the rest of my collection I got it from my friend.
Star Wars figures were not common at home. My brother got one for Christmas in 1984, Yoda. Not the coolest figure, but I got something much better. My Christmas gift was DoD or "Drakar och Demoner". Similar to (Dungeons & Dragons) but with quite different rules. One year earlier my big sister (6 years older than me) had tried the game on an exchange student trip to Ohio. She fell in love with the game and told my parents what I wanted for Christmas. I still remember open up the gift. I actually still have the picture from that night.

Since that Christmas night my life changed forever. I started to play the game 1984 and in 2004 after I've tired at least 30 different RPGs (roleplaying games) I just let it go. Now I have a copy of the game on the shelf, but I haven't played it since. Instead I took some of my own campaigns and developed them into movie scripts and treatments.
Next time I'll tell you about my first script I wrote. There will be whiteness, happiness, gold, a pair of scissors and of course blood ;)


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