Dragonetti, a former hitman stuck in a foreign country because of his former employer. He's now a drunk poor guy with gambling habits. One day his Fahret, a friend from the Balkan war comes for a visit. He's got a contract for Dragonetti and need him to sober up.

Finally! I've started the new project. Me and my co-writer Steven Trolin have written the first pages of the stand alone prequel Dragonetti. This time he's stuck in Asia for a reason. He's broke, drunk and with a large gambling dept. 

The character Dragonetti saw the light for the first time in 2003. He was invented by the actor Aldo Cunei, who has played the Dragonetti in two times. Aldo got his inpiration for the character Falconetti from the TV-series "Rich Man, Poor Man" (1976).


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