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Octolab's part three became 3 out of 5

Anyone familiar with the videos by Octolab probably will understand the universe Jonas Wolcher, the director has created, otherwise not. But if you haven't watch them yet don't be sad. By watching the first two episodes "Caravan" and "Mind and Matter" and you will enter a mythology of aliens, cenobites, altered dimensions ,space traveling and all blended beautifully together with a twist.

Jonas explains: - It was in the end of October 2017 we shot the video ARTE but when we came home from the shooting I saw the material of what we had achieved and realized we can't just let it be one video in 4 minutes. No one will ever understand. It needs to be three in order to tell the full story including the conclusion of the female alien wizard trying to get home to safety. I then decided to divided them into three parts.
The first one is called "BBSTS" or "Better be safe than sorry" and is about the story of the female alien trying to escape the cenobites lurking in the shadows of the spaceship buried deep into a well guarded by soldiers.

Putting the cast back together

Jonas: - I love my crew and my cast therefor it wasn't hard to persuade them to go for another turn. In the main lead were Ida Karolin Johansson, Malte Aronsson, Emeli Andersson, the newcomer Olivia Lansinger and of course the duo of Octolab who play the cenobites.
Others to mention are Krister Brandling who plays one of the guards and the director himself has a small role in the video.


Jonas: - There were almost 15 extras in the video and was shot in Lysekil, Sweden from 10/21-10/22 2017. It was freezing cold that day and the extras were chilled to the bones. The final result really shows how dark and brownish the season of the fall is in Sweden.
The video contains of more than 150 digital effects shots. The director graded and did all the VFX to make them look like they were at least 30 years old.

Jonas explains: -The digital effects and the optical effects I grew up with was not the best but it worked to tell a story. Today the VFX is far too good that's why I decided to take one step back and make them a bit more cartoonish than realistic. VFX should be used very carefully and I believe we pulled this one off pretty well.
I've always loved Italian horror and Clive Barkers "Hellraiser". I wanted "Better be safe than sorry" to be like a something taken from a horror movie and at the same time a dark gothic horror story but this time the twist is. It ends with a cliffhanger.

DoP David Eric Nilsson Starring Ida Karolin Johansson, Emelie Andersson, Malte Aronsson, Olivia Lansinger, Krister Brandling, Jonas Norman and more.

Next video with Octolab will be "ARTE" or "A reason to erase". Release date TBA. If you want to have a sneak peek check out my Periscope!


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