It Came from Sweden! Filmmaker Ola Paulakoski on “HERMIT: MONSTER KILLER”


Nearly 60 years ago, writer/director Virgil W. Vogel’s SPACE INVASION OF LAPLAND was the first and the last monster movie to be made in Sweden. Now, native filmmaker Ola Paulakoski, along with his gang of horror enthusiasts, are changing all that, with a little inspiration from an old hermit and his dog.

Read on for the team’s comments and a batch of behind-the-scenes photos. Paulakoski, who previously directed 2005’s THE WEREWOLF CULT CHORNICLES: VIETNAM 1969, took some time in between editing to talk with FANGORIA about his latest horror/comedy, HERMIT: MONSTER KILLER.

This creature feature tells the story of a hermit hell-bent on revenge and a guerilla-clad rugby mascot running for his life, with one thing in common: an alien being that has crashed to earth, devouring anyone in its path. “It is very much a homage to old-school monster films and various Roger Corman flicks—everything from HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP to CARNOSAUR,” Paulakoski says. Read more here >>


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