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Looking back! Making of Octolabs second music video. Mind and Matter

7 September 2017

Horror producer Jonas Wolcher known for strange titles such as the zombie cult movie “DIE ZOMBIEJÄGER” “HERMIT: MONSTER KILLER” and “CANNIBAL FOG” is back for the second time. “Mind and Matter” by Octolab. The band who consist of Arielle Andersson and Fredrik Lundvall Kindsäter. Fredrik is more known for one of the band members in the cult electro-duo Presto Fervant. Recently the band played at Electronic Summer 2017 and a couple of days later they won first price for their music video “Caravan” at a film festival in Romania.

Arielle: – We are having so much fun going on right now. “Mind and Matter” is the part two of the trilogy from our mini album “To Be Continued” which was released in June. This video we shot in April 30th.

In October we film “ARTE” the last video from the album. Octolab enjoys horror. “Mind and Matter is no exception. Like the previous “Caravan” the theme is horror but this time a much darker and sinister one. The story is taking off whe…
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By Carola Knubben and Liv Gorissen at Conmose

Swedish film maker Jonas Wolcher is back in the producers chair again but this time with a much bigger production.

I'm planning a studio picture Nikita Ivanenko's viking saga “The Dead Man's Mound” directed by the award winning Chandradeep Das, which is in the pre-production. An authentic historical movie with a great crew and with actors from all over the world. Everything you see in the movie is for real. It's made by craftsmen from actual findings in Scandinavia. It's a pretty big production with a lot of crew. We want to shoot the movie in late 2019 on locations in Sweden and in Iceland. At the moment we are looking for more investors.
The script is co-written by Victoria Tarazi who's been working a lot with Michael Bay in the 90s. Among of the actors are Yan BirchMatthias HuesHarley WallenIda Karolin JohanssonKim Sønderholm,Peter Sjöquist and Jason Trost. The music will be composed by Thomas Rydell a…

OctoLab for the fourth time

It's been a long waiting for the final conclusion of the journey "To Be Continued" by the duo OctoLab. This is the 4th part out of five and it's called ARTE ie A Reason To Erase.

Here's a clip from the video. It's all black and white with a touch of an old movie from the 50s-60s.

When I graded the video I used very sharp colors and turned them into black and white. The result was a lot of the colors stood out from the other. It's basically the same technique in the early days they used for movies and television.

The video will be released Feb 16th 2019. Enjoy.

The second promotional poster of ARTE

Låt oss hjälpa varandra till succé

Jag har hållt på och harvat med film i snart 20 år. Under alla dessa år har jag mött fanatiska varelser som efter vi blivit klara med ett
   Jag har hållt på och harvat med film i snart 20 år. Under alla dessa år har jag mött fanatiska varelser som efter vi blivit klara med ett projekt skapat ett kluster och gjort ett eget som blivit framgångsrikare än mina. Ska jag se det som en förlust för mig eller se det som en hjälpande hand på vägen att skapa något eget? Jag kommer att lyckas med mina filmprojekt, men då behöver jag stöd från er som vill själva lyckas. Jag finns där för er och jag delar mina kontakter. För vem vet, kanske sitter just DU och vill hjälpa någon att komma vidare för att det är JAG den här gången.
Det var bara en liten tanke. Ta hand om er och ha nu ett riktigt gott nytt år!

It has begun - Excellent craftwork

Today is a big day for us all! Check out this awesomeness of steel manufactured for our purpose. Making the greatest Swedish accurate historical picture ever. Unfortunately I can't reveal much more. Follow our journey from pre-production to the actual shooting on this website and on our other social media. STAY TUNED.  - Jonas Wolcher Producer

1: Shield bosses.
These are rather common finds and covered the centre grip of the Viking round shield as hand protection. This particular simple shape was used throughout the Viking age.

2, 11: Spearheads.

Spears were the most common weapon during the Viking age, being relatively cheap to manufacture as they contained a rather small amount of iron. The length of the spear made it very effective in the battlefield. 2a is equipped with wings to stop the spear from going through the target. 2b is a slim shape common in the early 10 th century.

3: Viking age Helmet.

Viking Helmet inspired by the Gjermundby Helmet found in Norway in 1…

Die Zombiejäger "15 år av blod och klägg" visas på Bioroy - Pressutskick

Foto: Mattias Slabanja Välkomna till en mycket exklusiv visning av kultfilmen Die Zombiejäger på Bio Roy den 26 oktober kl 21.00.

Se filmen som i år fyller moppe och som alla talar om just nu. Den har kallats en svensk zombiesplatter med många likheter med BAD TASTE och uselheten i THE ROOM. Ostiga repliker, usel dialog, hejdlös action som aldrig tar slut, men med ett soundtrack som får änglarna skaka sv sig dammet och börja stuffa. Efter en kort visit i Trollhättan i maj 2018 kommer den äntligen till Die Zombiejägers födelsestad. Det är första gången filmen visas på bio här sedan 2005. Den senaste visningen skedde i Rom 2012 med titeln "Cacciatori di Zombi". Nu kommer den i nyrestaurerat skick i 2K's upplösning och på stor bioduk. Filmen är påhittad av Jonas Wolcher, "Sveriges egna Lloyd Kaufman" som även är regissör. Manuset skrevs av Petter Hörberg, medproducerades av Magnus Hedqvist och spelades in mitt i centrala Göteborg under 2003…

Fandom Weekend October 13-14 has been cancelled.

It's with great sorrow I today announce that the Fandom Weekend October 13-14 has been cancelled.  I'm deeply sorry you will not meet me or watch our movies this weekend. My ambition is to come to Holland for another event a bit further in the future. Check out my pages and social media for more info.