Introducing the writer of dead man's mound

Nikita Ivanenko was born in January 1990 in a small town not far from Moscow. Since his childhood he’s been fond of the cinema (the movie that made a huge impression on me was “Jurassic park” 1993) and creating stories.
Soon after graduating from the one of the most prestigious universities in Moscow and getting a diploma in BSC – Banking in Finance in London School of Economics in 2010 Nikita decides to follow his heart and starts writing scripts. Within a couple of years he created the scripts of a trilogy of action/horrors, based on legendary H.P. Lovercraft’s work, a buddy action about a vampire in New-York, a thriller in a vein of “Jason Borne” and “The Scanners” and a huge sci-fi drama about the first contact with inhuman civilization. All these works are expecting it’s hour to be turned into big studio pictures.

Despite having a quite successful career in bank sphere in Moscow, Nikita moves on with the moviemaking – in 2014 he joined project “Sentient”, being developed by Australian filmmaker David Steinhoff and in early 2017 he produced a short drama in India “In loving memory” with his friend and colleague Chandradeep Das, who wrote the story. The movie was successful, being chosen to many international festivals and won several awards in Monaco, Canada, India, Turkey. Nikita personally represented his movie in Goa, Monte-Carlo fests and Cannes film market in 2017-2018.
Promotional poster for Dead Man's Mound.
2019 is going to be very important, cause the latest feature script developed by Nikita – a Scandinavian historical action drama "The Dead Man's Mound”, now being in pre-production in Sweden with creator of New Swedish Genre Cinema Jonas Wolcher, director Chandradeep Das and second unit director Paul Weston.
The approximate date of shooting is going to be in the end of 2019 or early 2020. For Nikita this movie is going to be a debut in the feature movies, opening great new horizons and possibilities.
The next thing Nikita is going to launch with his partners after “Dead man’s mound” is a huge and ambitious multi-genre universe with the working title “Forsaken worlds”, which will include series, features, shorts and graphic novels. When it’ll be done, it will considered a great example of following a dream of becoming a filmmaker.
A promotional picture of Martin Eklöf as one of the vikings in Dead Man's Mound.


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